Posts for the month of November 2012

Amuse version 7.0 released

Today we created a new release of AMUSE (version 7.0).

Main items in this release:

  • Several bug fixes and some stability improvements.
  • Updated radiative transfer codes, based on two workshops we have upgraded the integration of two radiative transfer codes (Simplex and SPHray)
  • Enabled support for the pre-main-sequence stellar evolution in the MESA community code.
  • Updated all grid based hydrodynamics codes (Athena, Capreole and MpiAmrVac?). Both Athena and Capreole now support custom user defined boundary conditions, see the grid boundary tutorial.
  • Binaries for Linux and OS X are provided, although not all community codes are fully functional yet (see notes)

The code can be download from the amuse site: