AMUSE Weekly Summary, March 28 / April 1, 2011

Last week we saw the release of AMUSE 4.0 amuse-4.0.tar.gz. In this weekly, we will give a short overview about the major changes in this release.

The AMUSE 4.0 release contains an almost complete set of codes and supports multiple methods of interaction between these codes.

New codes

We added support for 2 radiative transfer codes (Mocassin and Simplex), see the iliev test 5 for an example of coupling Simplex with a SPH code.

The gravity domain got extended with added MMC (a Monte Carlo gravity code) and ph4 (Parallel Hermite 4 gravity code). We also integrated AMRVAC (an AMR hydrodynamics code).


We implemented a generic function to transform a stellar evolution 1d shell model (from EVTwin or MESA) into a SPH particles model (for an example see hydro_star example). Work is underway to do the reverse.

Gravity and SPH codes can be coupled using a method (bridge) based on Hamiltonian splitting. This method can be used to couple gravity codes (see the validate bridge example ) or provide and external gravity field on a code (see the galactic center example)

The hydro grid codes can be supplied with an external acceleration (Capreole and MPIAMRVAC) or potential field (Athena). For a steady state example see the plummer sphere on grid example.

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