Installing on RedHat (CentOS)

Installing on CentOS 6

In this section we assume a minimal CentOS 6 installation.


The prerequisites can be installed with a couple of commands on CentOS 6.

To install the prerequisites do (for base-devel select all members):

> sudo yum install make gcc gcc-c++ gcc-gfortran \
    cmake zlib-devel\
    openmpi openmpi-devel \
    fftw fftw-devel \
    gsl gsl-devel gmp

After installing openmpi, you need to activate it using the ‘module’ command:

> module load openmpi-$(uname -i)


We recommend to put the openmpi module activation script in your .bashrc or .cshrc file.

Install python and dependencies:

> sudo yum install python-devel \
    docutils python-nose \
    numpy numpy-f2py\

To install hdf5 and docutils first install an additional rpm forge. For documentation see

After installing an rpm forge do:

> sudo yum install hdf5 hdf5-devel

To install h5py do:

> sudo easy_install h5py

Last, you need to install mpi4py with:

> su -
> module load openmpi-$(uname -i)
> easy_install mpi4py


The default CentOS sudo policy resets the environments variables and thereby removes the openmpi settings. So for the last step you cannot use `sudo easy_install mpi4py` but must install under root directly.