AMUSE kickoff meeting and workshop




October 5-7

1.) General information

You are cordially invited for a 3-day meeting and workshop to kick-start the development of the astrophysical multipurpose software environment (AMUSE). Building on the success and experiences of MUSE, this package aims to integrate numerical astrophysical codes for multi-scale and multi-physics problems in stellar dynamics and galactic astrophysics. During the workshop key aspects of the preliminary AMUSE design and first release will be presented in a very much hands-on meeting. There will be ample time to learn about the capabilities of AMUSE and the steps needed to run simulations, integrate new codes or get them integrated into AMUSE. The input from participants in the workshop will decide upon the outlines of further development of the interface and technical design. Thus to ensure maximum involvement of the community we want to bring together researchers and developers of astrophysical codes with the MUSE designers at this workshop meeting.

2.) Date and venue

The workshop will be hosted on October 5th to 7th at the Leiden Observatory:

Leiden Observatory University of Leiden Niels Bohrweg 2 NL-2333 CA Leiden The Netherlands

3.) Organization&Contact

the organizing committee consists of:

Gijs Nelemans Marco Spaans Simon Portegies Zwart Arjen van Elteren Inti Pelupessy

to be contacted at: amuse_workshop_2009@…

4.) Registration

For participation in this this workshop no fee will be due. Registration can be done by sending an email to amuse_workshop_2009@… providing personal information (name, position & affiliation). The registration deadline is September 1st. Early registration is appreciated.

5.) Program

The program will consist of presentations by the core development team on the current status and design of AMUSE. Furthermore a small number of invited talks will be held on scientific topics connected to AMUSE. About half of the program will consist of hands-on workshop sessions where small groups will work on AMUSE code.

6.) Other information

  • Travelling to Leiden

Leiden is easily reached by train. The nearest airport is Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (15 min by train), other nearby airports are: Rotterdam (30 min), Eindhoven (1:45) and Brussel (2:30). The institute itself is a 15 min walk or short bus ride from the train station and city center. Detailed information can be found on:

  • accommodation

The following nearby hotels are available:

Hotel Bastion Leiden / Oegstgeest

Hotel Het Haagsche Schouw

Hotel het Witte Huis

Hotel Tulip Inn

Hotel De Doelen

Hotel Mayflower

Hotel Nieuw Minerva

The cost will be about Euro 100 per night. If needed, contact us for more assistance or information.

  • financial support

There will probably be a limited number of grants available for (partial) financial support. Contact the organization for further details.

  • website

The following website will provide information:

  • documentation

Participants in the workshop will receive AMUSE documentation prior to the workshop.

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