The AMUSE software is primarily developed in Python. In the AMUSE system you write a python script to control the codes and manage the simulation. The AMUSE framework provides data handling, unit management and code integration. For an overview of the architecture see

Getting the code

The latest AMUSE Release is available for download here.

The code is hosted on  GitHub. Assuming you have  Git installed, the following command in a terminal will fetch the most recent code for you:

git clone amuse-git

Installing the code

The AMUSE code needs a number of other packages to run. To find out which packages and how to install these please read Install prerequisites.

After installing the prerequisites you can build AMUSE. How to install AMUSE is explained in Install AMUSE

Once you have AMUSE successfully installed, here (Getting started) is how to get started working with AMUSE.

Browsing the code online

  • Timeline: Keep track of recent changes.

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  • Lecture slides: Lecture slides regarding AMUSE and Computational Astrophysics in general.