Running AMUSE with MPICH2

AMUSE is developed with the MPICH2 package, configured with the mpd daemon.

AMUSE and the hydro process manager

You can run AMUSE with mpich2 and the hydra process manager. You need to specify mpiexec for all runs, for example

> cd simple/examples
> mpiexec.hydra -n 1

The hydra process manager has support to redirect the output of mpi processes to files. To use this facility you need to turn off the output redirection in AMUSE and configure the output redirection in MPICH2.

To turn off output redirection in AMUSE (standard all output is ignored), change the python code by adding redirection='none' when instansiating the code. For example

code = Hermite()

# change to

code = Hermite(redirection = 'none')

To configure the hydra process manager do:

> cd simple/examples
> mpiexec.hydra --outfile-pattern=output.log-%r-%g-%h

The percentage codes are replaced by:

The rank of the process
The id in the process group
The proxy id
The hostname

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