Running AMUSE

All pre-requisite software for AMUSE is installed on the computers in Nijmegen. To install AMUSE you need to download, configure and make it: (Go to the scratch directory, AMUSE build can be too large for the home directory!)

cd /scratch


tar -xvf amuse-5.0.tar.gz

cd amuse-5.0



make athena.code DOWNLOAD_CODES=1

For details about installing AUSE, please follow this document: Install AMUSE

If you want to install AMUSE on your personal computer, please follow these documents:

Tutorial files

The files used in the tutorial exercise are not part of the release, these can be download here (these are the files mentioned in the handout).

For the exercise Gadget should be compiled without gravity and with an isothermal equation of state. For this the following lines in the file src/amuse/community/gadget2/src/makefile_options should be changed:








after that do

make gadget2.code

in the root of amuse to recompile.