This release conatains hydrodynamics, stellar evolution and stellar dynamics codes.


The new codes are:

  • Gadget2, SPH hydrodynamics
  • Athena 4.0, Grid based, static mesh refinement hydrodynamics
  • Capreole, Grid based hydrodynamics code.

A new version of evtwin has been added to the code.


Major changes are:

  • Stopping conditions implemented for hydrodynamics and stellar dynamics codes
  • Functionality to create SPH models from stellar evolution models.
  • N-body unit system has been re-implemented as a generic unit system.


Two need pre-requisite software packages have been added:

  • gsl - for building gadget2
  • cmake - to compile evtwin

The prerequisites can be installed using the package management of you system or with the installation script included in the AMUSE distribution.

known problems

CentOs Linux: This linux system comes with an older gfortran release. Two codes will not compile on CentOs Linux:

  • EvTwin does not build, unsupported compiler flags and type definition, see ticket #161
  • Mercury does not build, possible name prefixing bug, see ticket #162
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