This release conatains hydrodynamics, stellar evolution and stellar dynamics codes.


The new codes are:

  • kepler, A kepler 2 body code.
  • newsmalln, A small N gravity code.
  • sphray, A monte-carlo radiative transfer code.

The interface of mocassin has been extended.


Major changes are:

  • update of the build system, if you are updating an existing installation please re-run configure
  • subdirectory makefiles pick up configuration settings
  • refactoring of several packages in the package
    • moved to amuse.units
    • moved to amuse.datamodel
    • moved to amuse.rfi
  • extended the examples in the 'examples/simple' directory


No changes in the pre-requisites

known problems

  • Simplex has multiprocessor problems, see ticket #232
  • MESA is not compatible with gfortran 4.6, see ticket #233. Current work-around is to not download and build MESA when gfortran 4.6 is detected.
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